Add a feature that will show me who my Admin/Major Domo is

Some features (such as generating developer tokens) are reserved for administrators. I can ask around in my org to find out who is an admin, but if Domo were to call it out to me, I could start a Buzz conversation or assign a task (kind of like some sort of internal ticketing system) to get what I need from my admin.

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  • Thank you for submitting this @timehat. I am assigning to our product manager @miken12r to review and comment.

  • Great suggestion! we just announced a feature at DP17 called "Custom Roles" that will enable you to define your own security profiles in Domo. As part of this release, you'll be able to search on users based on their role. 


    We also just announced a new search capability that should help you find anyone and anything in Domo. It's a good idea for your MajorDomos to include that title somewhere in their profiles so you can search on it easily. 

  • Updating status to "Approved" per @miken12r's comments.

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