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I've noticed two flaws in the Magic ETL Calculator module. It seems to me that eliminating them would add a great deal of functionality to it:


  1. When inputting two decimal metrics, the resulting number is automatically typecasted as an integer/ whole number. That renders the option of inputting decimals pretty much useless and Magic ETL as such also for many usecases. 
  2. When doing an operation (tested with substraction/ addition) and one of the columns has NULL value in the given row, the result column will also contain just a NULL value for that row. What would actually make sense is to automatically coalesce a NULL value to 0 (excluding for divisions). Otherwise a couple of tedious manual steps are necessary to seperate the data, add fixed values and map the NULL values in the 2nd argument column to 0 as a filler. 

I can see how this might require explicit handling of cases where division is chosen as an operation vs. the other options but would find it more intuitive if this arithmetically required formatting logic is done automatically. If results are not checked carefully it might get lost and require quite some time for identifying this behavior as the root cause as well as mapping null to the numeric 0 value as a corrective action. 


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