User Still Exist

Anyone else having users that were deleted still showing up as if they are still active in there Domo Usage Data? 




  • Hi @Johnf,


    There is no "unassigned" user so any time a user is removed from Domo their datasets will still appear as if they are owned by that person. 


    You can change owners by 1) clicking on the wrench next to the owner's name and 2) entering the name of the new owner.





    Please let me know if that does not answer your question.


    Thank you,


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  • @creed, In the past I have deleted users and they came off of the list as I have filtered them as False. See the highlighted names below, both users were deleted, but one shows true and one shows false. Wanted to see if others have seen this also, but I have already contacted support and have  a ticket for this. Support said they are aware of this issue and more tickets may escalate the fix.