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I know Domo has a scheme to assign colors as more data points are charted, however I would really like to have control over universal color mapping across all cards and data sources.


For example, regardless of the data source, if a line graph has a line for 2016, I want to tell Domo that it should always be purple. 2015 should always be red. etc etc.  Right now if I build two cards with similar content but that come from different data sources, the color scheme doesn't match from one to the other, and someone glancing at the dashboard could make a wrong conclusion -- the red line on one card is the blue line on another, and it's not obvious unless you size the cards large or open them to full view and read the legend. Help me help my users know what colors to look for!

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  • I think Robyn's idea parallels one of my own, which would be the ability to create specific user-defined color-palettes in Company Settings (or as a user-defined preference). My organization has a specific set of branded colors which typically should be used, none of which are currently reflected in the standard DOMO chart results.

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37800

  • @MitchyMitch8can you please take a look at this?

  • Thanks for the suggestions.


    Suggestion 1: globally assign a series value to a color (always make IBM blue...). We love this idea and have this partially implemented. It is a high priority for us after Palooza. This has a lot of potential for making it easy to understand charts/business stories better. You can control this chart by chart but it is a pain and hard to keep up to data changes over time.


    Suggestion 2: Custom palettes

    We have heard this from several customers and we are working toward providing custom palettes. For now we have focused on making the display always look good at the cost of some customizability. Our rules are very extensive that control how we show colors on all chart types based on number of series and the chart type. These are difficult to translate to a more general palette algorithm that would work based on your specific colors. We are working on getting a very customizable palette that would still obey all the Domo rules of display but it is a big project and is taking some time to get it right. 

    We have even built a tool that can analyze a logo and pick up the primary and secondary colors from an image. We will get you a very easy to use tool but it is going to take a few months.


  • Hi Team, Is this under development? If so, what is the expected release date?


    Please note that I really like the idea from ckatzman 



  • What has been released as part of the new Analyzer is color rules per dataset in the new Analyzer experience. 

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