Dataset Jobs in Folders

I would like to organize my DataSet Jobs into Folders, or other hierarchal structure.

Does anyone know of a plugin that may allow this?


Maybe I could request this as a feature in a future workbench update. My Jobs list is getting long and hard to sort through to find what I want. We have jobs that run on different schedules or only as-needed, and it is a slow process to sort through to check the status of my dailies.

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    A potential workaround for the lack of folders might be to simply rename the dataset job. Since you are struggling with finding the dailies I would suggest to name them as follows:

    1 - 15 Min Run - Dataset Job Name

    2 - 30 Min Run - Dataset Job Name

    3 - Hr Run - Dataset Job Name

    4 - Daily Run - Dataset Job Name

    4 - Daily Run - Dataset Job Name 2

    4 - Daily Run - Dataset Job Name 3

    5 - Weekday Run - Dataset Job Name



    Since the dataset jobs list alphabetically on the left menu it would be easier to find your dailies. As you are modifying the names I would add that they will not resort until you exit workbench and restart it. You could choose to sort them differently, like by department or source but you were complaining about finding the dailies so that is why I only listed that example. Hope this helps.


  • Yes, I will do that for now. Good idea, 


    I keep thinking that if I rename the job, it will affect the name of the dataset, but that is no longer the case.

    I saw in another thread that the folders will be added in a future release of the workbench, so I will be content with this solution until then.


    Thank you!

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