Reuse Existing PDP Policies for Different Datasets

Right now we need to create PDP policies for each and every datasets. but when we have more datsets and need to create same policies for all of them we need to create same policies multiple times it leads to waste of time. DOMO need to give a feature to reuse One PDP policies for diffrent/Multiple datsets.

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  • mdelorey



    @alexpeay: This sounds like a good global policies use case/request.

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  • Great Idea Ramus, I was just writing a new idea like this one. We really need this improvement, I have dozens of data sets and dozens of users each one with a different policy.

    Please alex help us!!


  • @alexpeay Any update on this idea? I am wasting hours replicating PDP policies.

    Thanks for your support!


  • We will have the PDP APIs becoming available later this month. That will allow you to automate the creation of the policies and reduce the redundancy of creating policies. We do have 'global policies' (create a single policy and then reuse them on different DataSets) but it is on the long-term roadmap.

    Alex Peay
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  • @RamuS


    Does the short term solution address your needs so we can mark this as approved or do you need the long term feature @alexpeay mentions?


    Thanks for the great idea!



  • How to work on global policies? where can i find that?

  • "automate the creation of the policies and reduce the redundancy of creating policies" How this automation works? Could we be part of any beta version?

    I think global policies are more in line with the idea but we should wait until get it ready.

  • Is it possible to at least have the policies inherit the policies of the parent?  For example I created the policies against a dataset and then created a new dataset using dataflow on the original dataset.  Would like the new dataset to inherit the policies of the original dataset.

  • Agree, great idea and to add here too this is also an issue when you have a page with multiple data sets and policies.  For example, I had to create the same policy 4 times, all with the same name, for each data set on the page.  Then, the end-user if assigned to multiple policy groups due because they manage multiple business areas.  They, then have to go to each of the data set using the page analyzer and select for each one the same policy for each.  Should work similar to the filters where the same policy applies to all data sets with the same policy.


    Thanks so much,


  • I was just about to enter this idea when yours popped up. Yes! Definitely needed! Like yesterday. Smiley Happy


    I'm setting up an entire organization's PDP security and it shouldn't take this much effort. I've asked Domo Support to put in as an enhancement.

  • We have 40 retail locations and employees from one location are not allowed to see any others' data.  On top of that we have "operational" and "financial" data with different groups of users being able to see only one type.


    We want to open Domo up to more employees and to do so we must implement PDP.  We are applying PDP to a few datasets now to allow for broader testing and it's taking HOURS.


    Any update on when this is coming out (or if the API is viable for managing this)?



  • Looking to follow up to see this idea's status and possible place on the roadmap. 

  • We're using a probably not public tool for this.  It's a little java application that takes a template dataset, which is a configuration file for the policies, and runs a process to create the policies based on the template.  Just takes a couple minutes to run. Then you can switch out the dataset to apply the policies to and run it again.  We were able to run a hundred PDPs on a dozen datasets for hundreds of users in a matter of 30 minutes.  Not quite as easy as a "click this to apply the same PDPs somewhere else" feature, but still much faster than manually creating everything from scratch.

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