"AND" "OR" Filter Logic Added to Card Builder



There are situations where, due to the complexities of joining data, we have to append data instead.


When data in a large appended table is filtered, for example a table that combines a campaign spend sheet with a budgeting sheet, a filter will filter out one of the sheets entirely leaving either only spend or only budget data.


Imagine if I could place two filters on a card that said to filter out any row that EITHER has no spend OR has no budget.


That'd be awesome wouldn't it?  Can we please have this?  Oh and might as well throw in the null value filtering on top of this

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  • @ckwright you know you want to love on this one ?

  • @Gavatar and @product_John this one is gold... love it up!

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @OmriLevin.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @OmriLevin Haha!!! Nice, I love the enthusiasm! I'll have my team take a look at this. 

  • Please add this feature in. It would be soo nice to have. and can you please show me the syntax on how to use CASE when using OR logic. 




    when 'ABC' = 'DDDD' then 'Beta' OR 

    When 'ABC' = 'BBB then 'Beta' .................


    Case when refined the data with every When Statement. 

    Please let me know. It would help alot with my data visulization.

  • This would change my life. PLEASE IMPLEMENT!

  • bigdatadojo2000
    bigdatadojo2000 St. George, Utah 🟠

    "Liking" this because of the request in the last sentence. Lets include Null values for fields we filter unless we explicitely say to remove.

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