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    Many customers would like this portfolio and the color options expanded, can you chime in on this?




  • bigdatadojo2000
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    @Gavatar Agreed - It would be really nice to be able to assign customer colors (i.e. using hex code or customer color selector). Would really faciliate creating cohesively branded dashboards.

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    @DaniBoy Why is this listed as implemented? It's clearly not.  Can you please revise the initial request to be "to select any color when building charts".   Then I think you can change it back to in progress or under consideration or whatever.


    My two cents, it was somewhat excusable that you didn't have this when you rolled out a few years ago. It's inexcusable that you still don't have it. It should be techincally trivial, and you've already created the GUI for custom colors for dashboard colors. What's the hold-up?

  • @Dean_Wangerin fair point and good feedback. It seems the original ask was more than 12 colors which has been implemented. Your clarification and need is we need to offer any color correct?


    Let me get this in front of the right lead in product. Please continue to chime i so we get this right!



    CC @Gavatar 

  • Additionally, I think it would be helpful to choose a color for a column based on the value of a different column on the same card.

  • We have added the ability to specify an RGB value in color rules and wherever you specify colors in charts. 

    This is in beta now and is planned for release at Palooza in March. If you are interested in participating in this beta earlier than next March please let me know via PM and we can add you in to the beta.


    You click my handle @Gavatar to message me.




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    I would like to participate in the beta!

    please enable on our instance



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