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I have the following card:



I wanted to know if there was a way to summarize the total orders and total sales similar to how I mocked up this sample. Any tips/pointers anyone can provide?


Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think you can do exactly what you have with the out of the box chart types in Domo. However, another way i would do this is by showing the totals as the top level chart and then build drill through charts to allow the users to drill in and see the monly breakout. Or, if you're showing YTD, you can train the users to use the time grain at the top of the chart to change from a monthly view to annual to get the yearly total or vise versa.


    I've also created multiple versions of the same chart at times one showing a montly breakout and another version showing a cumulative view (using Runnign Total stacked bar chart type) for the same so they can see the totals at each point. 

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  • Thanks, that was along the lines of what I was thinking but I just wanted to confirm I wasn't missing something.

  • You cannot create a card like the way you showed but you can create a beast mode using CONCAT to show the totals of both of those values into the SUMMARY section of the card.

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