Visual notifier that a card has drills

We need some kind of visual notifier that a card has drills. Whether it's a symbol along the border, perhaps beside the data source symbol, or a different color border around the card on the page -- see yellow highlights below for suggested locations. 


Right now I manage letting users know when they should drill by writing descriptions of the cards, but when you add description text it shows up on hover instead of the card title -- so if you have a title that is cut off, as below, AND a description, then the user can't see full name of the card without clicking.


Also, if you duplicate the card and use it as a template for something else, but forget to clear out the description in builder, that description sticks with the new card where it may not apply. It's much easier to forget to change that, since it lives behind a button in the builder, which I often forget to click. Maybe new builder has the description text out front a bit better -- if not then I'd ask Domo to consider that change.drill notifiers.PNG

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37799

  • @Gavatar can you please take a look at this?

  • @RobynLinden thanks for this idea, we have discussed this internally with our team and it is on the road map. I will provide more information when it becomes available. 

  • @ckwright @product_John any updates on this? I'm hoping this is coming soon, it will make a huge impact in two ways:


    -help users get the full value of cards built for them

    -prevent admins from having to add drill down instructions to thousands of card descriptions

    -we often repoint cards from one old data source to a new one, as we move from ad hoc data sets to direct database feeds. as i'm sure you know, when you repoint a card the drill layer doesn't always come along with it (and can leave a nasty trail of merged beast mode calculations that are hard to find to clean up). a visual notifier that a drill is part of the card will help smooth out that repointing process.


    please help! ? 

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