Alerts with filtering capabilities

I would like to see if we are able to set up an alert applying a filter.


Let's say we want to get an alert if the Summary Number decrease by 10 % but only for the Atlanta Branch or, with a different function/additionally, if you can allow us to set up an alert to notify us if the rule apply for a particular Branch and then in what Branch it happens.


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  • Thank you for submitting this @GIriarte.  I am assigning to our product manager @mdelorey for review.

  • Hey @GIriarte: Thanks for submitting. I'm the product manager for alerts here at Domo. I wanted to make sure I understand what you're looking to do.


    I see a bar chart in your screenshot, but I can't see the access. Is the x-axis grouped by date? Grouped by Branch? 

    Retired Domo Alum
  • This is definitely something I think would be a HUGE gain in user engagement.  The concept of being alerted by Domo when X is true is extremely powerful, and was a key differentiation point for Domo when I was reviewing software platforms.


    That said, the current functionality around alerts is somewhat inflexible.  As the card designer, I have to build cards specifically for the kinds of alerts that GIriarte discusses above.  This just adds to the set of cards a user has to browse to find answers... more cards = more places where what you are looking for isn't.


    Here's an example from my use case: (difficult to impossible to provide this now)


    I have 65 branch locations, and about 1,500 suppliers.  If a user wants to be alerted when the Nashville branch reaches $1M in sales of General Electric.  The card I need to build to support an alret like this is ugly...  It would be so much easier to have a total sales card, maybe a bar chart (doesn't matter), and the ability to add filters for Branch = 'Nashville' and Supplier = 'General Electric'.  This would also permit users to really harness the value of alerts and add additional criteria!


    • The upside is increase usage of alerts 
    • Decrease in the number of cards to satisfy user needs
    • Increased user engagement in Domo
  • @mdelorey please let me know if I can help clarify this further.

  • mdelorey



    @swagner: Nailed it. We've got some features currently in development for this type of capability. How'd you feel about taking a look at what we've got so far and giving us your feedback?


    @GIriarte: You're welcome to take a look as well.


    And anyone else who comes across this Idea and would like to take a look and get set up for early access once it's available.


    Just direct message me if you're interested with your name, email, and a couple of time slots that would work. Thanks for all your feedback!

    Retired Domo Alum
  • Yes @mdelorey, I'd be happy to help.

  • Absolutely Yes. Let me know.


  • @mdelorey


    Let me know if you want me to assist in organizing a call with a number of these customers.


    Happy to assist.



  • @mdelorey circling back to this topic.  Can we discuss soon (as you mentioned)?  @GIriarte

  • Hi,


    We have the same need here as we would need to filter the alert on a based certain group of product. It seems based on comments I read in this thread that your current development should do it.



  • Any new developments on this?

  • @btm


    Can we get this reassigned to a new product manager and provide an update?



  • This would be extremely helpful for us too! We have a card that shows the number of timecard edits per department. I received a request from one of our Domo users to set up an alert for her for whenever a department goes above a certain number of edits. We only want this alert for one division, but there is currently no option for me to set up one alert for any time a department in one specific division goes above the threshold...setting up an individual alert for each cost-code/department that "Triggers when Department A is greater than 10" is far too time consuming and cumbersome. 

  • @kbota,


    Thanks for your comment!


    @JSharp please take ownership of this idea which has some great suggestions for Domo.




  • Is this still in development? Seems we've run into a similar scenario.

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