Description Not Showing Up in Card View

In previous versions of Domo, a user was able to read Descriptions on a card (I believe there was an "i" in a circle that the user could either hover over or click on).  It looks like this functionality is gone.  It would be nice to reinstate this functionality or make the Description a permanent part of the card view.

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  • Thank you @tleong.  I am assigning this to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • @tleong Thanks for the feedback, if you hover over the title, the description will appear if there is a card description. We are looking into making an option to have the description display.  

  • The description only shows up when you hover over the card on the page view (i.e., when you see all the different cards).  If you actually open the card, you cannot see the description, even if you hover the title.

  •  Hi @tleong! Currently, when viewing from the card view you can click on the title of the card and it will display the description.


    Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.14.13 PM.png

  • Having to hover or click a report title is not intuitive.  Often times card need an explanation and most of my users would probably not see the description if not displayed at the top of the card.  I also understand the need to have a cleaner look that we get when not displaying the description.


    Maybe a good alternative would be to have an option in the card builder to choose to display the description?

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