Suppress DOMO logo in Publications

Based on corporate guidelines, some companies (like ours) may not be allowed to display 3rd party logos in presentations. It would be ideal to have a way to turn off the DOMO logo from appearing in Publications.

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  • Thank you for submitting this @JustAGirlyGeek.  I am assigning to our product manager @MitchyMitch8 for review.

  • Hi @JustAGirlyGeek! Thanks for the submission! I think @StevenC can probably chime in here. Just to be clear, you're talking about Publications and not Publication Groups, correct?

  • Correct (I believe). We would like to be able to suppress the Domo logo on the presentations.

  • @MitchyMitch8, would this kind of go hand-in-hand (big picture) with this long ago Idea from @RobynLinden?


    Assign colors instance-wide


    It feels like a theme of letting users/companies employ their own formats, templates, color schemes, logos, etc. to support their corporate initiatives.  Love the product, no disrespect to Domo at all, but every time I export to PowerPoint (or publication) it doesn't need to be an exercise in subliminal marketing.  

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  • @JustAGirlyGeek @ckatzman yeah that makes total sense. I think @StevenC might be the better person to talk to about branding and color customization, but I know we have some things brewin' for customizing PowerPoints with Domo data with a beta that's going on. @JustAGirlyGeek would you be interested in being a part of that beta?

  • Sounds awesome @MitchyMitch8. Can you send me the details so I can present to my team?

  • Assigning to @michaelf to review

  • @JustAGirlyGeek, thanks for you perspective on exporting and how the branding plays into that experience for you.  I appreciate your honesty! We are working to make this experience better for customers who want to have just thier own brands visible in the product.  Currently there is a lot of Domo - we're proud of that.  However, we understand that sensitive nature of some customer's needs as it pertains to what branding is sent.  I'd really appreicate any specific ideas you have or certain use cases you'd like us to consider.



  • @StevenC, either having a global setting that can disable the Domo logo from being displayed on publications (preferred) or allowing users to hide it when they create the publication.


    @Fitz might be able to give some suggestions as well since he also asked this question recently (

  • @JustAGirlyGeek  and @Fitz - Love it! - Thanks for your ideas and suggestions on ways we can improve Domo to help with your branding needs.  As I mentioned earlier, we are currently exploring options, so your timely input is awesome and appreciated!


    Thanks again!


  • @michaelf


    Can you provide a status update on this? Please see this post as well for additional context.




  • I just had a Sr. Executive ask the same question.  Anything from scheduled email reports, to embedded cards.  It would nice to be able to "whitelabel" some of the content, especially the very large header that is default in every scheduled email report.


    For emails, it would be great if we could customize ourselves a template, where we could insert our own branding/style if we wanted to.




    Thanks for the comment here which has had a lot of demand and comments.


    CC @Gavatar @codysmith please have a look and chime in.

  • We continue to add more tools to be able to export and publish content outside of Domo. We are continuing to build out various levels of support. Ideas such as the one you posted including having a white-label or ability to remove the Domo brand are items we are still considering as we progress. It is still a while out, but we have it on our radar.

  • We need to be able to remove Both out logo and the Domo logo from the URL, I can't seam to find a chome extention to do this.


  • Would like to see this option for the Domo Everywhere iframe embed.

  • @MiguelTomas Removing the "powered by Domo " logo is automatically done for Private Embed and can be done very quickly through an internal engineering setting for Public Embed if paid for and arranged through your account executive.

  • @eonkrom Domo is finishing up a project to let you whitelabel emails from the product. We have forced all product emails to use a consistent template. This makes it so you will soon be able to customize the header and footer with your own content and style. This is targeted for release towards the end of the summer so keep an eye on release notes and I will also apply an update here once it is officially available.

  • @JustAGirlyGeek Domo logos can be removed from the PPT plugin, page exports, story exports, embedded content, and product emails. The best way to satisfy this request from your senior executives is to make a direct reference to an embedded story. This is targeted for beta in the fall.


    All you will have to do is copy the iframe link and paste the main url directly into your browser instead of making a part of your site code. For example, see the last couple minutes of this demo from Domopalooza 2019:

  • This has now been enabled.


    Please see this thread here as well as comments from @chrishaleua thanks for updating us on this!



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