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Current state: user utilizes analyzer to filter a card. they cannot save a default preference for a specific card based on analyzer to come back to. i.e. list of accounts they want to focus on filtered by name


Future state: user utilizes analyzer to create a custom view of a card. they can save these preferences so the card is prefiltered for their specific view. 

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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @pravaliya.  I've assigned this to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • Hello,


    This feature already exiusts at the page level. The workflow is as follow:

    A proviledge (and up) user defines the filters that can be used by participants. Then participants can select any value in the filter and that applies to all cards. His selection is sticky and specific to him. That let's him create a dasboard that is tuned to his need.



  • but the user has to edit the card itself? Or can analyzer filters remain sticky so the next time she opens up the card it is predefined to the specific filters she applied? 


  • @pravaliya Thanks for this idea, there is already an idea submitted with this request. It is titled Stick the filters, it has 44 votes. I'll mark this as duplicate and you can vote for the Stick the Filters idea. Thanks

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