Filter a column with distinct values

I am trying to display the results only for distinct values in a card.  The structure of my code is as follows: 


when `column1` in ('textvalue1', 'textvalue2', 'textvalue3')
then 'result1'

when `column1` in ('textvalue4', 'textvalue5', 'textvalue6') and `column2` in ('textvalue7', 'textvalue8', 'textvalue9')
then 'result2'

when `column3`= 'textvalue10'
then COUNT(DISTINCT `column4`), 'result3'

else 'result4'

The syntax error comes, when I add the "then COUNT(DISTINCT `column4`)" row. 
How could I rewrite the code in order to display/ filter the distinct values and the result from column3 as well?

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    it might be due to the results of the first 2 statements are returning a string but the Count distinct returns a numeric value. I believe all the results have to be the same data type in a case statement. 

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