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Can we have a Beast Mode function that will calculate the grand total for a field dynamically based on how the data is filtered?  My main use for this would be to create percent of total calculations, but there is no way to get the grand total for use in the denominator (Category Total / Grand Total).


This is something that is done in the percent of total card but it would be great to expose this function in the Beast Mode builder!

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  • Thank you for submitting this @BABWMajorDOMO.  Assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @BABWMajorDOMO I'll have my team look into this request. We are working on other beast mode functions that could also help address this request. Thanks! 

  • Any update on this? 


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  • I am also interested in this and would like an update.


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  • yes, this is a huge need for us as well. 


    For example, if i have Sales Data for 12 months with the following header data:

    Date, Revenue, Expenses, GM, GM %

    Each of these colums are able to be summed, divided, average, etc. except for Gross Margin %.


    So let's say I would like to get a monthly summary for these key metrics. Revenue, Expenses, and Gross Margin are easy. Simply adding them up will suffice for basic analysis. 


    But the GM % is harder. First, I would need to dynamically add up the Revenue and GM in only the month I am analyzing. (Remember, I have 12 months and I would like to compare these key metrics month to month.) Once i have these summary numbers, then i need to perform the math to get the GM % (GM / Rev). Now I have the selected months' GM %. 


    This is easy done in excel with summary numbers in Pivot Tables, but Domo has so much more to offer than a pivot table. Can this functionality be added?



    I called customer service, and they directed me to look into ETL Data Flows. If this ELT is the answser, there needs to be training on this. I so far haven't figured this out. But this function needs to be a part of the standard card editing (beast mode, calculated summaries, etc.)

  • Any updated on this? We are looking to use a beast mode for a total. For example, I need to create a table with my 2016 and 2017 investment and other metricsin the same table (impressions,clicks,conversions, etc). Instead of having the grand total of the 2 years I need the YoY variation in the same column. 

    I also need to still be able to use my month filter and other type of filter so I rahter not play in the ETL.

  • Any updates on this?

  • @ckwright can you provide an update on this idea please?


  • I'd love to know when this goes live.

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