Ability to see what alerts all users have



is there a way to see what alerts users have set up? hopefully in a form of a list.


Or at the very least, what cards those alerts are based on? 

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  • Hey @Dpritykin - 


    There are a couple of ways that you can view which alers users have setup, are following and which cards alerts are based on. You can manage custom alerts in two different locations—in the card Details view and in the Alert Center. In a Details view you can view and manage all alerts for an individual card. In the Alert Center you can view and manage all alerts you are following in Domo; you can also choose to follow suggested alerts created by other users. From either location you can open a panel that provides options for setting notifications, making edits, viewing the owner and followers, and seeing the alert history.


    More detail about managing custom alerts in the Help Center. 


    Additionally, you can see what alerts an individual user is following / setup. In a user's Profile page, you can view alerts that that user is following. You do this in the Alerts tab, which is located in the tab row under the user statistics panel. 


    More detail about viewing a users followed alerts in the Help Center.


    Hope this helps!