MySQL connector issues

I am on a 60 day trial.  I have MySQL (Aurora and straight-up MySQL) at Amazon RDS and an independent server, all of which I can access from my PC via MySQL Workbench.  All of the servers are set to be publicly accessible.  


I can't connect to any of them with Domo's MySQL connector this afternoon.



Failed to authenticate. Verify the credentials and try again. Could not establish a connection with the MySQL host; please check your settings and try again.


Any ideas?


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    It is possible to connect to a MySQL database in the AWS environment. Domo requires that any database connection to have SSL enabled so that would be step one. You would also want to make sure that the Domo IPs are whitelisted and bi-directional traffic is enabled on the database and port that you are attempting to connect to. The list if IP addresses can be found in the Domo Help center under "Whitelist".

    I am no longer with Domo, please reach out to another Domo lead for assistance. Thank you!