Ability to Export Tables/Sumo Cards in PowerPoint

Since we have a lot of table cards, it would be great if we could export them in PowerPoint besides graphs. 

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  • or it would be nice if there was a way to pre-load all cards from Domo. We had Domo down one time in the middle of execituve meeting, so it would be nice to have some back up during important meetings. 

  • It seems like Domo has finally updated this fuctionality and now we can download Tables in the PPT export. Great job DOMO!

  • It would also be helpful if we can export a Notebook card as well. Our business is starting to utilize a lot of data source cards. Capture.PNG

  •  Exporting tables to PowerPoint has been implemented.   DOMO-34517

  • This was Released to production to all instances by May 21. 2015



  • @DaniBoy What about an update for exporting notebook cards too?  I agree with @jfestejo0614 as we are starting to use those to represent PPT slides that have lots of text, not just graphs.

  • Will Domo ever be releasing an export for Sumo cards? 

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  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • It would also be great if we could export Sumo Cards, in their pivot format, into Powerpoint.    Right now, I can export Sumo cards, but they are put back into a table in excel.  This defeats the purpose of pivoting the data.  Also, would be great if we could format the Sumo card by changing widths, headers, etc.   

  • Inded. I don't think we can reeally call "implemented". The purpose of doing a pivoted Sumo card is to view the data in a pivoted view. So exporting it differently doesn ot make sense.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking at making sumo cards more consistent with other cards including ppt publishing

  • any news on this? and export as pdf?



  • @Gavatar


    Is this release pending?

  • Very interested in hearing when SUMO results can be exported as shown on the screen (like a pivot table) instead of downloaded as unformated data table.  (this is the whole reason for using a SUMO template.

  • @user07929 I realy hope this update!

  • Any updates on this?

    As everyone has commented, the current DL function defeats the whole purpose of using Sumo.

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