Smarter DataFlow Auto-Run Settings

I have many data flows that I only want to run once per day.  They take an hour or so to run, plus I do not want them to trigger the alerts on cards more than once per day.


Today the only way to handle this on the auto run settings for a DataFlow is to choose the dataset that is the last to refresh for the set of inputs.  But sometimes my data sets can arrive in DOMO at different times.  Having multiple datasets designated as the trigger to run my DataFlow is not ideal because it would cause multiple runs (don't want!).  To deal with this I would like to suggest "Smarter" DataFlow auto-run settings.


Ideally I would be able to monitor all datasets that must be refreshed before kicking off the DataFlow (rather than each dataset causing the DataFlow to start).  One step further would be to add a setting for the timestamp where a dataset will be considered "New".  For instance, I have datasets A, B, C, and D that all must be refreshed after 1am before my DataFlow kicks off.




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