Mass Messaging via Buzz

If this functionality already exists, would appreciate someone sharing the mechanics with me, but assuming that it does not exist...


It would be really helpful to be able to message the entire instance-wide user-base in one shot via DomoBuzz.  Here's the use case:


Our primary transactional system is going to be shut down over the weekend for a deployment.  We will turn off our workbench load jobs for the duration of the weekend until we can revalidate functionality on Monday morning.  I need to communciate to ~150 users across multiple departments that this is happening.  Would be great to be able to just use Buzz to send out a broadcast message to all users at once, but I have not identified a way to do that short of selecting every user account individually, OR adding every user to a common group, and messaging that group.


The latter isn't much different than going to Outlook and having to figure out which Distribution Lists to send to since not all employees are necessarily Domo users.


This functionality should be limited to Admin account use only.  Perhaps have an "Everyone" or "All Users" option appear in the recipient selection dropdown in Buzz, but only appear to those with sufficient system privileges.




And if i'm being obtuse and missing something that's already there, someone please save me from myself!!!

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  • I second and have a very similar need and use case as @ckatzman where I need a quick and efficent way of messaging all users with the instance. Here's my use case: 


    Becasue of client needs, I've had to create a optimized version of a dataflow and replicate the associated cards with the new dataset. Many of the users within the instance are following, have favorited, and created alerts based on the cards being replaced - I need to let everyone know they'll need to re-follow, re-favorite, and re-create their alerts. I could set up an Outlook distribtion group, or groups, but I'd perfer to mangage everything through the Domo Admin console and I think this would be easier option for all instance Admins. 




  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ckatzman.  I am assigning to our product manager @MitchyMitch8 for review.

  • @ckatzman @PEAKS_valleys thanks for submitting this idea, and especially for describing your use cases. Very helpful. 


    This is possible using both the old Buzz and the New Buzz (currently in beta). In the old Buzz, if you create a new message and in the "To:" field you add the default group, it will be visible to everyone when they sign into Domo. It will not send a notification to them, however, so they will need to login to Domo to see the message. 


    In the new Buzz, if you go to the "General" channel and type @all then your message, it will notify everyone with your message. Does that help?

  • @MitchyMitch8, ok your response has peaked my interest on a couple of fronts.  So for NEW Buzz (whenever that happens to be released into prod), the @all destination sounds like exactly what i was describing.  And, given current (and presumed) functonality, that will be delivered in whatever medium users have set for notifications.  So if they receive buzz alerts based on settings of email/immediate, then they would receive the notification regardless of whether they are logged into Domo.  Do i have that right?


    Now, for current functionality... can we back up a bit.  Let's go rudimentary here... can you explain the intended functionality of the 'Default' group?  We made it a practice to remove all users from the Default group because everyone was getting notifications about each new user, and a bunch of other 'spammy' type stuff.  But maybe I/we just don't understand the intended use of the 'Default' group, and having a better understanding would allow us to use existing functionality.  

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  • @ckatzman yes, you are correct on the first part. If my notification preferences are set to receive only mobile push notifications for @mentions then I would get a mobile push notification when someone uses @all. This works for cards and pages as well if you want to notify everyone with access to the card or page (you're doing some construction on a card, you want to clarify a data point, etc.)


    With regard to current functionality, the 'default' group is intended to account for the use case you're talking about. If you want to make an announcement, or you have a set of cards/pages that you want to share with everyone (e.g. an Intro to Domo card, company-wide statistics, etc.). It's totally up to you on how you want to use that group, but that is the intended use case. Do you have a group or set of groups that you've created with everyone? If so, you could add those groups as your Domo Buzz audience and send your message. 

  • @MitchyMitch8, the @all functionality resonates because it would seem to require no maintenance on my side.  For better or worse, we have some use of Groups, and some individuals not in groups with page/card level access (some of that is happenstance, some of it is change of methodology along the way).  So i have no one single method that today captures everyone.  And we removed everyone from the default group due to unintended/unwanted messaging.  


    So sounds like options are to either add everyone back to Default and live with it's functionality (good and bad), or wait for new Buzz and capitalize on @all messaging.  I probably like the latter, just depends on timing.  That #DP16 teaser was just downright mean.  j/k


    Thanks for the explanations.

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  • @ckatzman haha, if you want to talk offline I'd be happy to show you the New Buzz functionality. I'd love to get your feedback on it and understand how you're using Buzz to move your business forward. There are some REALLY cool things we're adding to Buzz that will significantly enhance your experience with it. How's that for a teaser? ?

  •  @MitchyMitch8 Yeah, definitely.  We're being fans of show-n-tell, and rarely lack for an opinion.  @Shevy and I have enjoyed more than a couple pick-your-brain sessions with some of your counterparts.  DM me when you have a chance and maybe we can find a good calendar opportunity for a preview.

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  • @MitchyMitch8 please try to include @PEAKS_valleys on a preview session now that he has earned a green belt and just as interested.




  • @MitchyMitch8 - Thanks for the description - I think that i'm going to need to create an email dist group for now. Since the update I'm making will require some users to take action, I'd like to make sure the message is pushed out to all users. 


    Not sure if you and @ckatzman had a preview session but it is something I'm interested in digging into. 




  • @PEAKS_valleys @MitchyMitch8  We have not yet... been focused on a project deadline and had not reached out, but let's schedule something.

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  • @ckatzman@MitchyMitch8 - Sounds good, what do folks have for availablity over the next couple of weeks? 

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