Allow to select multiple items/conditions to be follow within the same alert

Let's say I am over multiple branches but my data is grouped by branch, I think we should allow to select more than one branch to follow. On below picture you can see I am only able to select Atlanta but i have 6 additional branches so I should set up six alerts to make this alert useful not mentioning the email and sms traffic increase with 7 alerts working about the same condition.

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  • @GIriarte: Is this request related to this other request you submitted?

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  • I have the same issue.  I want to set alerts for no activity by a sales person for the period of time shown in my heat map and don't see a way to set an alert to let me know an individual sales person has no activity for the period unless I set an alert for each sales person individually.  Maybe it's an issue of selecting a different type of chart, so I'd appreciate suggestions.

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    We need this assigned as well.




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