How to add multiple commands in one Transform inside a dataflow?

How do I make so I can insert multiple commands in one Transform box. For example, I am adding multiple indexes and don't want to have to create them in multiple transforms.


create index SO1 on tech_salesorders(Sales_Order_ID)

create index SO2 on tech_salesorders(Customer_Organization_ID)

create index SOL1 on tech_salesorderlines(Sales_Order_ID)

create index SOL2 on tech_salesorderlines(Sales_Order_Line_ID)

create index ARI1 on tech_arinvoices(AR_Invoice_ID)

create index ARIL1 on tech_arinvoicelines(AR_Invoice_ID)

create index ARIL2 on tech_arinvoicelines(AR_Invoice_Line_ID)

create index ARIL3 on tech_arinvoicelines(Sales_Order_ID)

create index ARIL4 on tech_arinvoicelines(Sales_Order_Line_ID)

create index ORG1 on tech_organizations(organization_ID)



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  • rebekah
    rebekah ⚪️
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    I wasn't able to do it in 1 dataflow but in 2.


    Transform 1

    create procedure indexing()




    alter table tech_salesorders add index(`Sales_Order_ID`, `Customer_Organization_ID`);

    alter table tech_salesorderlines add index (`Sales_Order_ID`, `Sales_Order_Line_ID`);

    alter table tech_arinvoices add index (`AR_Invoice_ID`);

    alter table tech_arinvoicelines add index (`AR_Invoice_ID`, `AR_Invoice_Line_ID`, `Sales_Order_ID`, `Sales_Order_Line_ID`);

    alter table tech_organizations add index (`Organization_ID`);




    Transform 2

    Call indexing()