Major Domo Feedback: What features in the admin center would make your life better?

We are currently in the process of revamping our Admin Center. I'd love to hear from Major Domos or admins about what your daily missions are. What actions do you regularly perform in the Admin Center and what actions would give you more power as a Major Domo? What features in the Admin Center would help you to better manage your insatnce?


  • It would be great if


    1) there was a section designated to manage all beastmodes.

    2) a way to make the functions such as date/time functions to operate based on the admin selection of eastern time or so.

    3) a way to tell Domo date grain in cards and also functions in beastmode that our week starts on sundays or mondays.

    4) a way to see what does each user have in their overview and be able to see it. for example it would be great to see as an admin how does Domo look like for x user.

    5) pretty munch full visibility and control of what is happening. for example admins can't see what users have in their overview or what cards a user has in its favorite page.



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  • Thanks for the feedback @Godiepi! What's the use case for being able to view a user's overview? Just hoping to understand better.

  • let see an editor user sees a card in a particular page showing x metric by month, then decide to duplicate the card to its overview page and modify the card to show the same metric by week.  then starts a conversation making reference to the duplicated card without tagging it in Buzz. at times could be confusing for other users or the admins since the original card has been modified. so, by having access to it, would give a better idea as of what the user is looking at and refering to.  another case could be that many users has the same type of cards and metrics in the overview which could help admins to centralize those cards by creating a page for all to see the same type of metrics.

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  • Thanks for the clarification @Godiepi, it helps to better understand what functionality you're looking for.

  • One thing that would help us (in addition to the other comments) is around card management. 

    On Admin Settings > Pages, we can see what cards are associated with each page. At the bottom you get the card, refresh rate, last refresh, and you can remove the card from the page.  Dataset associated with that card would be beneficial here.


    We would also like to see on Admin Settings > Cards what pages the card is associated with. We have the dataset and the last refresh, but don't see the page/pages associated. And like on Admin Settings > Pages, the ability to remove the page from the card would be nice too.



  • Thanks @McSwag for the feedback. We'll make sure to give you more visibility into your content!

  • Alnother thing that would help us: being able to identify if the card is part of a drill path or not. 


    When doing card cleanup on ADMIN SETTINGS>CARDS being able to see the top level/parent cards is what we would expect. Our understanding has the drill path as part of that card, not a stand alone card. In many instances that drill path card is only accessable via drilling, yet it shows up as it's own card on the admin page. If you have 100 cards, each with two drill path levels, 300 cards show up. Wading through the 300 to get to the 100 can be a chore. 


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