Web developer referrals for custom Domo app?

We are looking to engage a web development company to build a custom Domo app, can anyone make a recommendation?


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody provide reocmmendations for @JasonWebber?


  • Hi @JasonWebber, I've passed this along to our App team who will be in touch.  



  • tbrock



    Hey @JasonWebber,


    I work on our app team and am going to handle your request. 


    Do you mind sending me the following about your custom app?


    Please email me directly -- [email protected]


    1. Main pain points addressed with the app.

    2. Data sources required for the app

    3. Do you have an idea on how the interface will look? Any napkin sketches done? Please briefly describe.

    4. Estimated dev time from your perspective (it's ok if you don't know this). 






    I work for Domo.
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