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Could functionality be added to allow for the same labelling macro capability on Map cards, as is available on other card taps?  Hover is (just) OK if you are working online, though if you are trying to discern a pattern you may spend a lot of time hovering to see the values.  Would be great if we could just embed labels as we would on any other card type.  I realize things get a little dicey in some of the smaller states along the eastern seaboard, so perhaps the labels could be floated in the Atlantic Ocean with a refernce to it's state code.  And of course, the labels would need to export with the card when going to PowerPoint or other formats.  Oh, and the legend... when you export a map currently, the legend moves to the bottom of the page, and only shows the highest and lowest value.  Would be helpful if, since it's a heatmap, it could show the break points between the various colors.

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  • Thanks for submitting this @ckatzman.  I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar for review.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. This makes a lot of sense. We have explored a few options to make this work nicely but unfortunately it is a big project. Handling the small states or countries or counties is part of doing this project well. This is in our backlog for now.

  • +1 on wanting this feature!

  • @Gavatar @btm @product_John


    Any update on a release date for this approved idea?



  •  Checking back in to see if we have any word on an updated timeframe?

  • @Gavatar @DaniBoy Any update on this? I want to migrate our board meeting materials to Domo, but have to still generate many of the maps in Tableau since Domo maps can't support this functionality.

  • @DaniBoy 

    Two ideas to help with this. 


    For addressing the smaller states / regions issue.

    What if we could control the zoom more? If the labels bunched together too much, simply allow in the analyzer to set a pre-determined zoom, and harness the drill paths.  



    For the export issue.

    What if maps export as zip files, with the map as one jpg and each label as it's own file? Users could assemble the map and labels as desired.

    This comes to mind because ANY time I export to PPT I always rearrange the card attributes on at least one of the slides. Each attribute can move independently of one another. Title, summary number, legend, chart.   


    We are working on a map with complex hover textboxes that appears on each point and would like to export for a client.




  • Thanks @DP_BA  for your comment.


    @Gavatar please provide any updates as needed.




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