Beast Mode - FORMAT Function

Currently Beast Mode does not support the MySQL FORMAT function:


Since we can have summary numbers which are concatenated with strings, format would allow the number to be pre-processed with comma thousands separators.


Please enable this feature.

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  • Let's make this happen! It'd be great for concat functions. One of those things the boss asks you about all the time!

  • Thank you for submitting this idea @mdhsdi.  Assigning to our product manager @ckwright for review.

  • @mdhsdi Thanks for this request, I will have my dev team look into this request. This definitely would provide more flexibility for formatting summary #'s. 



  • @ckwrightAny update on this feature request?





  • @totesmgoets Thanks for reaching out, there is currently no update on this feature request. I'm working with our data function team to see what options we have for this request. Thanks.

  • @ckwright Has any progress been made on this yet? We still think it would be useful. Right now we have a pretty elaborate beast mode to get around it. You need to replace 'x' with your function. It's a mega pain, and there's no way it's not processing more than if you just used the FORMAT function.


    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) < 4 then concat(round('x',0),'')
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 4 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,1), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),2,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 5 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,2), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),3,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 6 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),4,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 7 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,1), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),2,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),5,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 8 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,2), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),3,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),6,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 9 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),4,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),7,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 10 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,1), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),2,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),5,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),8,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 11 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,2), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),3,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),6,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),9,3))
    WHEN LENGTH(concat(round('x',0),'')) = 12 then CONCAT(SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),1,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),4,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),7,3), ',', SUBSTRING(concat(round('x',0),''),10,3))
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