Bulk Edit Cards in Card Builder

We would love to have the ability to perform bulk actions on cards by highlighting the cards either by dragging the mouse over the cards or enabling a checkbox for each card to perform a bulk action:



  1. Sizing
  2. Deleting
  3. Copy
  4. Moving to Pages
  5. Moving to location on a page
  6. Moving to a collection on a page
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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @JoSaCh.  I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf for review.  They are working on this feature now and he can share more details.

  • Thanks for the feedback @JoSaCh! We are very close to having many of these capabilities in the admin section of Domo but that's great to hear you'd like to see that on the page level as well.This is something we are still looking in to and really appreciate your input.

  • Thank you Michael. We look forward to seeing the new functionality!

  • A feature that would helpful, would also be a bulk change of the date ranges a card covers. This would help when we need to retroactively pull data/monthly snapshot reports. 

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