How do I show more than the delta in a stacked bar chart?

I have a stacked bar chart that shows # of calls answered in < 30, < 60 and < 90 seconds.  I've created beast mode formulas for the delta from 30 - 60 and 60 - 90 so that the stack will add up to the total # of calls answered in 90 seconds but the business would like that image with hovers showing the actual % of total calls for the day.

10 total calls for a day, 4 answered in < 30, 3 < 60, 2 < 90 for a total of 9 answered < 90.  Graph should show a single bar with segments for each 30/60/90 and instead of showing <60 (3 calls) as 30% it should show it as 70% (calls answered < 30 also count as < 60).

Is this possible?


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    Unfortunately, the stacked bar does not have the functionality to give cumulative percentages as you go up through the different series. However, I believe you should be able to display the story you're wanting to tell by using a grouped bar chart instead. To do this, you'll need to create three seperate beastmodes, one for everything <30, one for everything <60, and one for everything <90. You can throw all three beastmode fields in as the y-axis/series fields. It would end up looking like this:


    test dojo.png

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