Does domo support double byte character sets

Does anyone know if Domo supports double byte characters when viewing this data on a card?  Currently, when viewing data from our APAC region I'm seeing garbage characters, so my hunch is that it's not supported.  Looking to understand if this is simply a configuration or data source issue.

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    Believe the answer is 'yes' considering we've got the Chinese character set displaying via our Omniture QuickStart. Assuming the garbage text I'm seeing is due to the source data.


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  • We do support most of these characters. What connector are you using? Are you seeing the garbage characters at the dataset level or in the cards? Usually if the characters look good in the dataset then they should be fine in the cards. If the dataset looks bad then it could be an issue with the file itself or the connector.

    At that point, you can email [email protected] with a URL link to the dataset showing the garbage characters, and include a sample of the file you are pulling into Domo. They will be able to troubleshoot further using that sample file and the connector.

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