extra blank line being added on data import

I have successfully imported a csv to a dataset  via the api, however, an extra blank line is being added right after the the column headers. I have tried both the Windows csv encoding (\r\n line terminator), and Unix encoding (\n only) and this hasn't fixed the issue. Any ideas?

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    When you say you have successfully imported a csv to a dataset via the api I assume you have been following the documentation here:



    If that is the case a common issue that is overlooked is the content-type header in your put statement. Make sure that is text/csv


    If that is already in place feel free to email [email protected] with an example of your put statement and csv content. Please reference case 02358316 in your email. Screenshots are also welcomed.


    If we have misunderstood your concern please clarify for us so we can better assist you.



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