Current day vs same week day last week

Hi is there anyway to get say Thursday this week vs Thursday last week view in a card, without having to create a dataflow to restrict data ?


View expected


Thursday 1st September Values

Thursday 26th August    Values



Best Answer

  • Your best bet is probably just to add a Beast Mode column that includes only those two dates. Example:



    WHEN DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`Date Field`)  = 0 OR DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE(),`Date Field`)  = 7 THEN 'Include'

    ELSE 'Exclude'



    Then filter that field to 'Include' rows.


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help @domo_ooed out?


  • What kind of card are you trying to build? A multi-line chart showing week over week trends or something else?

  • Bar chart showing daily volumes by provincial distribution. Currently I show last 9 days so that it will show data 29th Aug Monday to Sep 5 Monday.


    Ideally I want to show only 29th August Monday and Sep 5th monday excluding  all other days (like a Week over week view)

  • To make sure I'm following, you'd like to see a card looking at yesterday vs a week ago from yesterday where the X axis is your provincial groupings?

  • Stacked graph (with provincial grouping adding to 100%)

    X axis will be time axis (yesterday and last week) Chart sample

  • @domo_ooed, tagging you to check out shaanarora's latest reply. 

  • perfect this works. 


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