In workbench is there a way to alter the "DataSet Job Id"?

We'd like to use the command line to queue jobs automatically but ideally would like to change the job ID to make the commands a little easier.


Alternatively, if there was a way to queue jobs by the job name as opposed to the ID that would work as well.

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    That makes sense. I can see where it would be nice to dynamically supply the job ID based on the file or path. 


    According to the release notes, WB 4.5 will have a Watch File option you can use with the local file provider. This will make is so that the job will run automatically whenever the file you're looking at is updated. Does that sound like a feature that could solve your problem as well? If so, just wait about a week or so. ?


    I hope that helps!


  • The command line parameters take a job ID and not a job name because job names are not necessarily unique, where job IDs are.


    The job IDs are assigned automatically as jobs are created. You can see the job ID by clicking on the job in Workbench and looking at the summary page that is displayed.


    Can you tell me what you're hoping to make easier? 

  • Thanks for your reply!


    Totally understand why they are assigned and used - for our purposes we want to write scripting that when it sees a file drop into a particular directory it runs a corresponding job based on the file name. I realize I can map this through a flat file however I am being lazy and attempting to minimize the number of files we need to update each time we have a new file that we want to trigger a job.  


    All of the files are named numerically and are guaranteed to be unique (7digit identifier) so if I were able to modify the Job ID I could just set the job ID = the file name and tada, no flat file.

  • Yea, that sounds like it would be very helpful!

    Thank you!

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