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Is there a way to stop notifications on tasks that are not ours in Projects & Taks?


Currently, all members of a project receive notifications every single time an action is completed even if they are not assigned to the task on which the action is made and trust me, when a project involves a bunch of users (see attachment), this is very anoying for the users. However, I don't want them to stop notifications completely, but to receive them on mentions or on any activities related to a tasks on which they are assigned.


We tried to put the settings to "Mentions" only in the Buzz channel, but unfortunately it doesn't do the job. 


I suggest to add notifications settings inside the Projects & Tasks feature to fix that.






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  • Thank you for submitting this idea @ManseauN.  I am assigning to our product manager @mdelorey for review.

  • Hi @ManseauN I work on projects and tasks here at Domo. Thanks for submitting your idea! We definitely want to provide useful notifications instead of just more noise.


    I wanted to make sure I understood which notifications you're referring to. Are you specifically talking about what is posted into Buzz about the task?


    It might be easier if I could just connect with you on a call to see what you're seeing. Will that work?

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  • Retired Domo Alum
  • In fact, everybody that have access to the project receive notifications when a task is moved from a column to another even if they are not assigned to that task. In my mind, only people assigned to that particular task should be notified, not all the project members...


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