Rename data source within Workbench

I'm using Workbench to replace Excel sheets daily where I don't have a direct connector. I upload my data using "replace" as below:


workbench source name.PNG

But then have to go into Domo Data Center and edit the name of the file to reflect the date it is current through

data center name.PNG

Would love to have a field or prompt within workbench that says asks if the data source should have the same or a new name within Domo. I have taught my users to hover over the data source icon and look for the date to see if data has been updated or not, and I would like to eliminate a step for myself. 

hover for title.PNG

Sidenote, sometimes the new file name doesn't show up until I refresh my browser to clear my cache. Would love to see that improved upon as well. 

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  • Thank you for your suggestion.  This has been submitted to our engineering team through ticket # DOMO-37805

  • @alexpeay can you please take a look at this?

  • This has been implemented in WB4. When you are creating a DataSet you can provide a custom name for the DataSet in the 'Settings' section of the DataSet Job in Workbench. During initial creation of the DataSet Job the Wizard will ask you what you want for the 'DataSet Name' you can put any name you want here and it will then send that name to Domo and that is what the name in DataCenter will be.

    Alex Peay
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  • Thank you -- this was helpful, but there is another step to my process -- once the initial name is set, I had hoped to periodically update the name to reflect the date through which data is current. 


    So if I upload a job each Monday, when preparing to preview and run in WB4, I would like to input the edited dataset name as well. Currently I have to then log into Domo and edit via Dataset details


    ...and actually, my card names have been reverting back to the iteration of the name that existed the first time I ran the job in WB4. I'm going to delete and re-add them to test if a job native to WB4 behaves differently.

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