Facebook Connector - 30 days of data history limitation

I am currently using "Facebook" DOMO standard connector. However it seems that when I am pulling "Complete page insights report" (or any other reports), I can only get 30 days of data for the page I wanted.


30 days is defininitely not enought to come up with any trendline. Do you know how to configure the connector that I can pull as many as 2 Year of data points - specifically I am looking for the trendline for Page likes (fans), # of comments/likes/shares per each post in facebook.




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  • scottjackson



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    To get more granularity for historical reports you'll need to contact Domo Support and have them spin it up. This functionality is not yet offered in the beta version of the Facebook connector.


  • Did you select a period under the Details tab? For this report, there are options to pull day, week, 28 days, or lifetime (see screenshot).


    Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.34.05 PM.png

  • Thanks for reply.


    Yes I did try this but this selection won't meet what I am hoping for.  I need individual datapoint, instead of aggregated number. 


    For example, I need to draw a year over year trendline chart to compare how many likes we have received in the pages we have posted in Facebook: Aug 2015 vs Aug 2016


    Select "Day" - I will only get 30 days of data - which means I only get daily "likes" in Aug 2016

    Select "week"/28 days - Same story as showed below. 

    Select "Lifetime" - I will get a aggregated total likes as of today. 

  • @scottjackson, can you provide further insight?