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As an admin, is there a way for me to run a report to see how frequently cards are being viewed (e.g., in the last 30 days)?  I would also like the ability to exclude certain people (other admins) so that I am really seeing which cards our end users are using most frequently.

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  • zcameron
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    The Domo Usage data isn't retroactive, so views from before the time it is implemented in your instance won't be included. 


    If in the future you'd like to modify what is included in the usage data, you could run it through a dataflow to filter out records that you don't want/need for your usage reporting.


    Does that help?


  • Those types of statistics are available through some datasets that support can to your instance. 


    Contact support and let them know that you would like access to the Domo Usage statistics in your instance. They'll work with you to get that data flowing into your Domo instance and then you can build cards from the data as necessary.


  • Is there a way to reset the counter?  We have just implemented so many of views are from us doing user testing.

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