How to change the name of a DataSet uploaded using the workbench and retain the change

I am unable to permanently change the names of DataSets created in the workbench.

I can change the names form the Domo intance and I can see that change from the workbench, but as soon as the DataSet Job is run the name reverts to the original name.


  • Hi all,


    Can anybody help @rado98 out?


  • Sperry




    There is currently a bug in Workbench 4.0 where the job name updates correctly, but when the job runs the name will be reverted. 


    This issue has been corrected with Workbench 4.5 beta. Your options are to upgrade to WB 4.5 or to create a brand new job in WB 4 with your desired name, then you would need to move your cards over to the new dataset.


    You can find a download to WB 4.5 in your Tool Downloads in Admin Settings in your Domo instance.



    Aaron Sperry

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  • Thanks for the reply.

    I will wait until WB 4.5 is properly released and try again.

  • I have tried this in 4.5 with no success, I would not recommend upgrading

  • Any updates on this?  I am noticing the same thing with 4.5 but appears to happen intermitently, and I can't seem to determine the circumstances which will or won't cause it to happen.

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