Please move the Dojo Interface onto the main menu bar. This will allow the Community to become part of the instance and more of an integrated experience. It should load the same way a page in DOMO does.




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  • @DHargens


    I manage every aspect of the Dojo and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience including accessibility to Dojo. 


    This has come up before in internal discussions so it is great see the customer voice for this. I appreciate your input here in addition to any other Dojo enhancements on your radar.




  • I mentioned it in the CAB last week too! I just wanted to formally voice it here! ?

  • Thanks, that is good to know!

    I'll make sure your comments here get the appropriate visibility!




  • @DHargens - If I could give more thumbs up and hearts, I would!  So many people don't realize the intense value of the Dojo.  I'd add to the recommendation that the Dojo be a page you can show or not show, for those who may want to leverage different navigations, but I absolutely agree that it should be more integrated.  


    What if when you click on it, the page has your profile info and access to your mail embedded right there in Domo?  Then from there, you can navigate into the actual Dojo.  


    Extra mile thought...What if you can flag courses you want to take, effectively creating a learning plan, and then you can access them right there in your Dojo page?  Maybe there can be collections automatically generated with items you have flagged in each of the resource categories.  These may be far off, but would make a huge difference.  Tap me anytime for some brainstorming if the starts to get developed!  ?

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  • Going to light a fire on this one again!

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