Symbol to be either and up or down arrow

We would love it if the symbols had the ability to change as either an up arrow or a down arrow. Currently it shows only as an up arrow, regardless of value. That can cause confusion. See below. We sync the zero line and get a value that is down (it is below the zero line, down 25% in this example), yet the symbol shows an up value.


I know that we are limited to just the one symbol, however some user may not remember us telling them that, and that could lead to problems and thus loss of confidence with their Domo experience. 






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  • I have also had several customers want more flexibility with the choice of the symbol, and the story of the card has been mis-construed to indicate an upward trend, when that is not true. More choices on the shape of the symbol is needed, and adding the conditional formatting to indicate a up/down trend based on a threshold would be even better.

    Jacob Folsom
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  • Thanks for submitting this idea @McSwag.  I am assigning to our product manager @michaelf for review.

  • 2016-09-21_17-13-50.jpg

    What about something like this? Minus the average part.....


    With maybe a small trend view (all time or ytd) of all the data? ?



  • @McSwag@DataJake@DHargens thanks for the great feedback! I'm going to point this one to @ckwright.

  • We really need this feature! 


    Right now, as a workaround, we use two series with two distinct Beast Mode calculations where one have a WHEN condition for positive values only without ELSE condition and the other with the same logic but for negative values. Each of the two series having a different symbol so this way, only one of the two series appears on the graph.





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