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I use workbench 4 to upload internal data into Domo for further analysis.  IT hosts Workbench on a VM server for me.  As Cody Webb points out, "... it’s IT best practice to separate the operating system from the application data, but there’s no way to accomplish this with the current version of Workbench".


So my ask is to allow Workbench users to use the D drive.  Otherwise, my data upload runs out of disk space.  IT screws the C drive down pretty tight.  

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  • Okay, I have finally figured out how to workaround this issue.  I have solved this problem by using hard coded symbolic links. I suggest you propose that to the other customers in this situation.  I "moved" the DomoCache directory to the desired disk by means of a hard coded symbolic link - in this case to the E: drive.  


    mklink /J "C:\ProgramData\Domo\Workbench\DomoCache" "E:\Domo\Workbench\DomoCache"
    Seems to be working fine. I'll know more after this first 23M row csv job loads.  
    Actually, I have loaded more than 500M rows with this technique.  Works just fine.  I suggest that this be added to knowledge article - I think Support is working on it.  
  • @mcoblentz


    Thanks for the great update on this!


    @codysmith please let the product team know about this great workaround.


    @JeriLarsen @SamHoward this is prime for KB and Domo University.




  • hi all,

     is it working on your side? I created symbolic links. but it doesn't work. Total of my data is more than 2GB.

    Hi workbench team,


    Could you pls advise what can I do?

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