Ability to show any field in hover text

Can show only the numbers which are shown in the chart/table in the hover. Would like the ability to show numbers which are in the base-table, but are not being shown in the charts. For example in my base data set I have Sales and Cost but in the bar chart I display only sales data. So now when I hover over the bar, I can see only sales numbers in the hover text. Now if i want to see the cost information in the hover text, I do not have any option to bring the cost information since cost is not used in the bar chart.

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  • Is someone working on this? 

  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @njain. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • We are looking at ways to pass additional fields that are not in the table or chart.  This is more challenging than you might think. We are working on passing just the requested fields so we don't overload the browser by passing too much information. 

    Thanks for the idea. It is a great request. We will see what we can do.


  • Thanks. Looking forward to seeing this feature soon. I would also be interested in seeing it in the normal chart view, not only on hover.

  • Hey @Gavatar can you give us all an update on this request. It seems like it should have been taken care of by now as the original request has been in since 2015. Can you let us all know?

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