Default timeout in dataflows

Currently, the timeout is set at 15 minutes for each action by default.  While dealing with large datasets and performing complex sql operations, this timeout needs to be increased.  At present, the user does not have the option of setting the timeout.  It has to be set from Domo's end.  It would be good to give the user the timeout control for dataflows. 

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  • This is a feature that is really needed.

  • @baroncurtin if the idea is important please click on the white arrow to next to the title of the idea to place your vote. We can then assign in to a product manager for review.



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  • Thank you for submitting this @snarayanane. I am assigning to our product manager @StevenC to review and comment.

  • @snarayanane We are continuing to improve our DataFlows, and are working to make them faster and more capable. As we work towards making them more performant, giving the user more insight and control over the DataFlows is important.  We will definetly take under consideration this suggestion.

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