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Hi Domo Team,


Here's another feature that I believe could be useful for users of Domo. 


Often times, I create a custom 'sorter' that segments my data into categories that were not already present within the dataset. For eg: When using a Google Analytics dataset, I could segment the data into device category (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet). However, I create an additional 'sorter' that segments different URLs into 'Product Categories' 

eg: as 'Shoes' and as 'Socks'.


I create this logic using a Beast Mode Calculation and name it something like 'Product Sorter'. Thereafter, I create the card and all seems fine, at least from my perspective.


However, when a viewer sees the card, the fact that I have segmented the data may or may not be obvious to him/her. Further, now supposing the viewer wants to isolate a particular segment from that data (eg: Shoes), he has to click the analyzer button and select the custom beast mode calculation called 'Product Sorter' that I created.


Now, here lies the problem...How would the user know WHICH DIMENSION TO SELECT after clicking on the analyzer ? In many instances, the people I have shared cards with, get confused when they observe so many dimensions under the analyzer (All Dimensions and Metrics show up and my dataset has many dimensions). Thus, the user does not end up segmenting at all and this valuable function remains unused.


So, am I doing something wrong in the setup of the card ? If not, it would be very, very helpful to have the option to SHOW A SPECIFIC, INTERACTIVE FILTER in the area of the card (preferably to the right) that is IMMEDIATELY OBVIOUS to the user. So, in this instance, when my card is in expanded mode, he 'Product Sorter' would show up to the right of the card as a filter, and the user could immediately know that he/she can play around with it to segment the data further.


Sorry to invoke your competitor here, but Tableau has this functionality by default. It would be exteremely useful if Domo could match it in this instance ! 


Thanks for reading this rather long post, but hope it helps some others with similar ideas/problems.


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  • I agree.  We get a lot of "how do I filter the card?".  It would be nice to be able to keep predetermined filters turned "on," or visible as soon as the card opens, even if they default to "select all" or "select none."

  • @product_John this one somehow did not end up in submitted, please assign this to a PM.


  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @rohansachdev. I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  • I am definitely in favor of this idea.


    I see that there is already an approved item wrt allowing users to persist any filters created by the analyzer.

    This idea is a bit different, though.


    The way I would like to see this work is simple.

    When I build a card and I add some number of filters, i woud like to be able to choose which filters can be exposed to a uer when they open a card, so that they can interact in limited but expected ways without having to dive into the analyzer.

    As an example....


    My company offers a multi-tenant service and our customr care team often relies upon reports relative to specific clients. It would be convenient for them to be able to call up a card, see that there is a filter on client name, select the client at hand and see the results.

  • @rohansachdev Thanks for this idea, this is currently on our roadmap and in the works. Thanks

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