'Goal' feature customisation

As of now, no customisation is possible - it just says 'goal'. Even the data label cannot be changed.


We have graphs where we have benchmarks, for instance, 30% pitch/production. Now the graph just says Goal. In a graph where multiple trends are show, if we cannot specify which metric that goal is for, it becomes confusing.

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  • Great idea! I have the same idea. I really hope that goal feature can be improved. 

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    This will allow our product managers to review to and assess the idea.



  • btm



    Thank you for submitting this @njain. I am assigning to our product manager @Gavatar to review and comment.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on improving our "goal" feature dramatically. We will include goal ranges, naming, and many more options. These enhancements should come out in a couple months.


  • Any updates on this? I'm looking out for this feature

  • @Gavatar Can you please provide an update on this?




  • This feature should go into Beta this month and release in July or August


  • @Gavatar, @DaniBoy, This thread seems to indicate that goal changes were implemented, were they released/implemented, or is this still on the roadmap for a future update?

  • I've been using the scale marker in the chart properties and am able to rename the goal, change the line type and color, etc.  There are other options as well in that chart property.

  • @SEC Thanks for pointing me to this chart property, there appears to be quite a bit of functionality here that could be used in lieu of the goal setting property in the dimension dropdown.


    I think my expectation regarding this post is that the Goal area in the below screenshot would have more options/features.  I'd be happy to find the release notes regarding the goal enhancements (or maybe it was renamed into the chart property you've directed me to) but I am not having much luck.


  • Hi Jason,

    I just happened to notice the scale marker option when I was working on a card.  I did find the following links below on scale makers and it looks like it was introduced in the Sept. 2017 release update in the app store.  I had been using the function you show in your screen shot but after finding the scale marker feature I converted all my cards with goals to use the scale marker since I can rename the goal and change the characteristics of the goal line-i.e. make it dotted, change the color, so I think most of what you may be looking for is now in that function. You'll have to delete out all your choices in the goal area before using the scale maker function.  Hope this helps. Here are the links I found:




  • Also, it looks like based on this link, it was intended for the scale marker to be used instead of the goal line when custimazations are needed.


  • Thank you @SEC this is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Scale markers are the designed replacement for old goals. We allow support for historical use of goals but scale markers have a lot more flexibility and more enhancements coming soon.

  • Thanks @Gavatar!

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