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The feature to allow schema changes needs to be applied to Magic as is in the workbench, but enhanced to do the following:


It should be tied to the coulmn ID of the source file so that if the name of the column in the dataset changes, it doesn't break all of the cards attached to it just because you rename simply says oh, hey, I see you have a new name, but yur ID is still XXXX, let me change that without complication for you!!!!


Currently the card will break and you have to go in and drag the new column over to fix it. A beast mode can re name, but it makes for a better use case if applied at the dataset level through magic....



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  • There is an issue when many tables or transforms are joined with the same names, where the system renames the incumbant dataset's fields, instead of the new ones.  It gets very messy and error-prone. 

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