Getting Default Channel Groupings from Google Analytics

Is there anyway to get the Default Channel Groupings from Google Analytics into Domo? The Traffic connector gives us Source and Medium, not the Default Channel Groupings. I just want to be able to show how much traffic comes to my site from Social vs. Organic/Direct/Referral.


The only way I can figure out is to use a Magic ETL to create a Channel category and then segment based on source/medium. That just seems inefficient. Is there an easier way to define this?

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  • Hi all, Can anybody help @sbstern  out? Thanks!

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    I would need to investigate further within the datasets you have created to verify what is possible. Can you please provide a link to one of your datasets? If you would like, you can also email this to [email protected], and reference case # 02529088.



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    I'm actually trying to do the exact same thing and get default channel groupings from Google Analytics. Are you aware of any quick solutions to do this?



  • Looking for the exact same thing


    @sbstern - kindly let us know how to do the same.