Intuitive Date Sort for Bar Chart (and anywhere else dates are used)

Does Domo Understand Dates or Not?

This is the title of a help request I posted and a response I received suggested to post a feature request here.  I suppose this indicates that the ability to sort dates, as most other programs will, is not integrated in the Domo construct.


When I have a Single Bar type chart with a Date as the X-axis, Domo doesn't want to Sort the dates intuitively.  If I have the dates formatted as Aug. 2016 thru Dec. 2016, it sorts them alphabetically. So, Dec comes before Nov.

If I have them as 08 2016 thru 12 2016, Domo sorts them numerically, using the Month as the key sort indicator, ignoring the fact that they are dates.  So, it will show as such as in the inserted screenshot. Jan. 2017 comes before the 2016 date range which is the lower end of the range I've specified in the Card. 

Why won't it sort the 2016 dates first, then the 2017?  More disturbing is the Alpha-sort on month names.

Domo don't know dates.jpg

As I said in my help request, either Domo does not have this basic funcionality or I don't know where the switch is to make this happen.  If it is something I am not enabling correctly, please let me know.


Certainly seems strange that this would need to be a feature request when every other program I interact with, expert level or not, understands Dates and how to deal with them or at least offer the user the option for how to treat them.


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  • In some ways Domo acts more like a database and in databases datatypes can be very specific and strict.  That's why the card builder just sees the dates as text strings, because that's the datatype of your column, and that's why the values on the X Axis are sorted alphabetically.  Domo doesn't have a lot of that aritifical intelligence built in to help make these things more intutitive, as you say.


    But it does have pretty powerful ways to transform the data you do have.    You can use dataflows or Magic ETL to make substantial changes to your data, and Beast Modes can help in this situation as well.  I've used these methods many times to get dates into my data. [On a side note, can you change the way the data is coming in to Domo?  That's usually best.]  


    I'm very interested to see more helpful date assumptions built in.  +1

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • Thank you for submitting this @delaing.  I am assigning to our product manager @ckwright to review and comment.

  •  I also used the same thing with AS, Dataflow to change Data Type as Date('Forecast Month') but I'm just getting the 'MonthName' (using Beast Mode). That 'Month Name'(=Forecast) is still treated as text not as actual "Name of the Month", since when you placed it in the filter the arrangement is alphabetical.

    The formula I used in Beast Mode: Forecast = MONTHNAME(`Forecast Month`).


  • It very odd that when a field is datatype "Date" (which is clearly is since Domo recognizes the field for data grain purposes) but does not sort it as a date.  Having to create custom beast modes on every data set just to sort dates is redundant and tedious.  It also clutters up the filter options in analyzer.

  • @cmarutzky Something odd is happening if your datatype date field is on the x-axis and Domo is not sorting chronologically.  It should be very rare that you need to consistenty create custom date beast modes for date trended cards.  I recommend talking to Domosupport.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • @delaing Please email me if this has not been resolved for you. Thanks

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