Make optional to send email or start Domo welcome tour + Personalized message


Make optional to send email or start Domo welcome tour + Personalized message


For some users, the first Domo Experience must be as simple as possible, DIRECT TO THE CARD, and you need to guide them step by step. 99% of my users that receive a mail from delete it, since it is not a sender they recognize, its not even a person.

IT WOULD BE GREAT to make optional the Welcome Mail, the tour and also be able to send a message.

AS A WORKARROUND, we are creating users but setting a wrong email, so they DO NOT receive domo mail. After creating that user, we set the correct mail.



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  • Thank you for submitting this @fsalinas. I am assigning to our product manager @miken12r to review and comment.

  • Great suggestion. Several of our customers follow the same onboarding pattern you describe, so I know it's an issue. Will discuss with the dev team! 

  • +1. Using Domo embedded in my application (via Publication Group SSO) and the welcome email is a pain

  • Thanks for the feedback!


    Actually, we do offer the ability to disable the invite user emails from the Company Settings page in Admin Settings. If you don't see this option, please reach out to support to enable it in your instance. 


    We recently completed a feature to provide a custom message in the welcome email. It will be in GA in our first release in January. 

  • Thanks @miken12r,


    I have updated the status of this per your last comment.



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