Datasets to Quarantine prior you delete them forever


I would like to be able to Restore a Dataset if I deleted. It happened to me once that I delete a dataset with more than a hundred cards related, a big mistake, but happens... 


If I could send a dataset to Quarantine and by doing this this dataset could be blocked to access by any card or ETL, that way I could restore if something was impacted or... delete it after a couple of days. It would be important that you have a counter of how many days a dataset have been in quarantine. 


Francisco Salinas. 

KIO Networks. 




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    Thank you for submitting this @fsalinas. I am assigning to our product manager @JSharp to review and comment.

  • Great idea! This is something we have on our roadmap. 

  • @JSharp have we implemented this yet? If not any idea when it will be deployed?


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